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Please check your interest rates . . .

March 14, 2019 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Rises

Banks Hit Existing Customers with Higher Interest Rates

It appears many of the banks (big & small) are targeting their loyal customers by quietly increasing the interest rates on their existing Home Loans & Investment Property Loans.

This is occurring at the same time as these same Banks are offering significantly lower interest rates to entice new customers.

If your bank is charging you higher interest rates on your Home Loan please contact DPF Mortgage Specialists ASAP !!!.


Q: Why should you bother  ???

A: Over the last 3 weeks alone DPF have assisted 6 separate clients to achieved lower interest rates with their banks which saved these clients a total of $19,000.00 per year (average of $3,167.00 per client).


Q: How can the banks get away with this ???

A: The banks believe that the majority of their customers are too busy to notice or simply won’t act even if they become aware.


Q: What can I do if my bank has targeted my Home Loan / Investment Property Loan ???

A: Contact DPF Mortgage Specialists, as after all … WE WORK FOR YOU … NOT THE BANKS


Prime Minister Supports Mortgage Brokers

February 15, 2019 in Insider Tips, Latest News

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed his support for Mortgage Brokers in an address to the National Press Club, & warns Borrowers will suffer if the Parliament votes to hand power back to the banks.

Prime Minister supports Mortgage Brokers & warns Borrowers will suffer if Parliment votes to hand power back to the banks …(Please view)

Posted by DPF Mortgage Specialists on Thursday, 14 February 2019


Q: What can you do to protect yourself & your family ???

A: Talk directly to your local MP and the other candidates running in the upcoming Federal election.

Make them earn your vote by ensuring they will be looking after your best interest rather than the banks !!!

Urgent Reminder for Gold Coast Property Owners …

February 13, 2019 in Insider Tips, Latest News


Today is the FINAL DAY to receive the discount for your City of Gold Coast Property Rates Bill.

Why pay more than you need to ???


Borrowers will suffer higher interest rates if the Royal Commission hands more power to the Big Banks

February 8, 2019 in Insider Tips, Latest News

The attached link contains a Sky News interview with a local Mortgage Broker who explains, in a clear & common sense manner, how Australian families with be the big losers if the Royal Commission hands more power to the Big Banks.

Well worth watching if you have a Home Loan.




How will the Royal Commission Report impact Borrowers who use Mortgage Brokers ?

February 5, 2019 in Insider Tips, Latest News

Considering over 59% of borrowers prefer to use the services of mortgage brokers to source & structure their new Home Loans, there is little or no surprise that the role of the mortgage broker was to be reviewed by the Royal Commission. After all “Trust” was the cornerstone of the inquiry and consumers clearly need to be able to trust their mortgage broker. The positive findings (which the media has apparently omitted to report thus far) is that the mortgage broking industry was the only industry to be separated out and praised for the contributions brokers make to lowering borrowing costs and ensuring competitive pressures remain in the interest of consumers.

My only concern relating to the Royal Commissioner’s Report is the recommendation that borrowers should pay brokers for the service they receive. This is a massive change from the current system whereby the costs of the broker are borne by the banks. Given that the role of the broker is to assist clients to reduce their lending costs, I am at a loss to explain how the Commissioner believes this recommendation could actually benefit the consumer. More likely this would only benefit the banks to increase their already massive profits.


Q: Why do the banks currently pay the broker rather than the borrower ?


A: The banks are keen to offer lower interest rates & pay the broker costs as this expense is significantly lower than the costs the bank would incur to employ more lending managers + open more branches + increase marketing & advertising, etc.


 Please note that the Royal Commissioner’s Report is only 24 hours old and no changes have been made as yet. The time frame for the government to act on the recommendations may range from weeks to years … so for now nothing has changed and it’s business as usual.

 The encouraging signs for borrowers is the government has recognised the need for competition and the acknowledge that brokers play a critical role in delivering that competition, however the question is who will actually be making the decisions following the upcoming federal election & how will their decisions impact borrowers in the future ?

 DPF Mortgage Specialists is proud to be celebrating 21 Years of helping our clients to “take on the banks” to achieve better Home Loans & lower interest rates & we will continue to go “the extra mile” on your behalf for many years to come. 




Congratulations to the Winners

November 7, 2018 in Latest News


Congratulations to the Winners of the 2018 DPF Melbourne Cup Sweep.



1st Prize:            $200.00   Colin Hannaford (Cross Counter)



2nd Prize:          $100.00   Karli Anderson (Marmelo)



3rd Prize:           $50.00     Elvis Ma (Prince of Arran)




For the rest of us whose horses are still running, the good news is the Reserve Bank once again voted to keep rates on hold for yet another month & appear likely to keep doing so into the new year.

Thanks again for joining in for a bit of fun & we hope you all enjoyed your Melbourne Cup.



DPF Melbourne Cup Sweep

November 5, 2018 in Latest News


A huge “Thank You” to all our wonderful clients who participated in the

2018 DPF Melbourne Cup Sweep.

Below are the names of the lucky few who drew a horse in “The Race That Stops the Nation”.

Best of luck to you all & Giddy Up 🙂


  1. AUVRAY (Angus Saunders)
  2. VENGEUR MASQUE (Michael Probert)
  3.  NAKEETA (Peter Butler)
  4.  CHESTNUT COAT (Caleb Anderson)
  5.  RED CARDINAL (Gavin Brko)
  6.  BEST SOLUTION (Megan Jervis)
  7.  VENTURA STORM (Stacey Weinert)
  8.  YOUNGSTAR (Belinda Chapman)
  9.  THE CLIFFSOFMOHER (Carmel Bradley)
  10.  MARMELO (Karli Anderson)
  11.  VILIUS (Jennifer Love)
  12.  RUNAWAY (Angela Estreich)
  13.  MUNTAHAA (Jamie Freiberg)
  14.  SIR CHARLES ROAD (Ozzie Di Battista)
  15.  FINCHE (Karen Payne)
  16.  SOUND CHECK (Daryn Trowbridge)
  17.  MAGIC CIRCLE (Sally Miller)
  18.  WHO SHOT THE BARMAN (Julia Comer)
  19.  CROSS COUNTER (Colin Hannaford)
  20.  PRINCE OF ARRAN (Elvis Ma)
  21.  ROSTROPOVICH (Janette Cameron)
  22.  ACE HIGH (Andrew Dayney)
  23.  YUCATAN (Devon Jeffery)
  24.  ZACADA (Leanne Evans)


Free Melbourne Cup Sweep for DPF Clients

October 31, 2018 in Insider Tips, Latest News

Free Melbourne Cup Sweep . . .

Yes the first Tuesday in November is only a few days away and so it’s time to dust off your fascinators, feathery hats, colourful frocks & suits and prepare yourself for the Race that Stops a Nation, and of course the …

DPF Mortgage Specialists Melbourne Cup Sweep

As always … entry is FREE for all DPF clients as this is our way of having a bit of fun with you.


1st Prize:    $200.00


2nd Prize:   $100.00


3rd Prize:    $ 50.00


To receive your ticket in the draw simply:

  1. Click on  “CONTACT US”
  2. Insert your name + email where indicated and type “Melbourne Cup” in the box marked “Your Message
  3. Type the verification code where indicated & click “Send Enquiry Now”


The horses will be drawn & announced on Monday 5th November 2018 via email, Facebook & on this our website

Good luck & a special “Thank You” for your ongoing support & for being a valued client of DPF Mortgage Specialists.




Banks increasing interest rates for loyal customers

October 2, 2018 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Rises

Whilst the Reserve Bank Board voted for the Official Cash Rate to remain at the current level (1.50%) this month, please ensure you take a minute to check the current interest rate you are being charged for your Home Loan / Investment Property Loan.

Why ???

Many banks have increased the interest rates on the Home Loans & Investment Property Loans of their existing “loyal” clients and in many cases these interest rates are significantly higher than the rates currently being offered to attract new customers to the bank.

If you believe you are one of the many “loyal customers” being charged more than you should be  please call or email as we have a great strike rate of successfully negotiating with the banks on behalf of our clients to achieve lower interest rates  … & in the vast majority of occasions we have achieves significant for our clients without the need to refinance their Home Loan / Investment Property Loan to another bank.

Ahhhhhhh … the benefits of having your very own Personal Mortgage Specialist.


Banks Increase Interest Rates on Home Loans

September 4, 2018 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts

The Reserve Bank Board may have voted to retain the Official Cash Rate at the current 1.50% p.a. however, several banks have already increased their Variable Interest Rates, with more banks expected to announced their intention to do the same over the next few weeks.

The banks are blaming “the increasing costs of funds” however the reality is borrowers can still negotiate lower interest rates with their banks despite the bank’s belief that the majority of their customers will simply “cop it sweet”.

If your Home Loan Variable Interest Rate is currently (or soon will be) greater than 3.90% p.a. … CALL ME !!!

 Many of our clients have already taken advantage of our free advice & reduced their interest rates which has saved them $$$

 We are also pleased to confirm that over 90% of these DPF clients have achieved these savings without the need to refinance or change banks.

 Please remember … WE WORK FOR YOU … not the banks … so please call me if you’re not happy with the rate your bank is charging you.