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Monthly Archives: December 2015

How much do I need to save to buy a home ?

December 9, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News

Saving for a homeThere are 2 potential answers to this question …

Answer 1

$Nil – If your parents are able to provide a Limited Guarantee.


Answer 2

5% of the purchase price. Please note that if you are not eligible to receive the First Home Owners Grant you will also require additional funds to cover the “other costs” associated with purchasing a home / unit (e.g. Legal Fees, Insurance, Body Corp, Council Rates, etc).


Avoid being disappointed … Talk to our Mortgage Specialists to learn how to improve your chances of being approved when applying for your new Home Loan.


Reserve Bank Announcement …

December 1, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts

2 percent

The Reserve Bank Board has voted to retain the Official Cash Rate at the current record low 2% until the next RBA Board meeting in February 2016.

If your Bank has recently increased the Variable Interest Rate on your Home Loan there are two options available to you.

Option 1:  Consider switching all / part of your Home Loan to a Fixed Interest Rate with your existing Bank as the Fixed Interest Rate may be lower than your Variable Interest Rate.

Option 2: Consider refinancing to a Bank with a lower Interest Rate. (Please Note: Several Banks are currently offering to pay up to $1,500.00 to cover your refinancing costs)

Please “CONTACT US” or telephone 07 5527 4744 if you wish to discuss your options.