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100% Approval Success Rate for 3 Consecutive Years

March 19, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News


Thank you to all our wonderful clients and experienced staff who are the reason we have been able to achieve this fantastic result of 100% Home Loan Approvals for 2013 + 2014 + 2015.

Talking to and understanding our clients’ requirements plus being able to speak directly to the senior people within the Banks who are not only willing to use “Common Sense” and actually have the authority to say “Yes” is the key to achieving this level of success over such a extended period of time.

Does this mean that every person who asks for a new Home Loan can be approved ???

Our Mortgage Specialists have and are continuing to help many hopeful homebuyers who are not currently in the position to be approved for a Home Loan. By providing ongoing advice and assistance our Mortgage Specialists can empower  these potential borrowers to understand “What the Banks are looking for” and learn “What actions they need to take” to improve their financial standing and  put themselves in a stronger position to be approved for a Home Loan.



March 10, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts

Broker vs BankWhy are more and more people seeking their new Home Loans via Mortgage Brokers rather than their Bank?


Listed below are some of the benefits many have discovered that may be appealing to you . . .


BROKER: Choose from 100’s of Home Loan options with dozens of Banks + Building Societies + Credit Unions + Non-Bank Lenders

BANK:      Limited to the Home Loans offered by the one Bank


BROKER: Your Mortgage Specialist will negotiate with the Banks to achieve lower interest rates & fees on your behalf

BANK:      Banks will only offer basic rates & nominal discounts unless the you are able to provide proof of “Other Bank Offers” & threaten to “Take your business elsewhere”


BROKER: Continue to have direct access with the same dedicated Mortgage Specialist before & after you take out a new Home Loan to ensure you can receive ongoing advice & assistance from the individual who knows your personal & financial circumstances

BANK:      Once your Home Loan has commenced you will be referred by the bank manager to the bank’s websites & call centres for any ongoing service requirements


BROKER: Your Mortgage Specialist will conduct reviews of your Home Loan and will inform you “How to achieve lower interest rates” if other Banks are offering better deals

BANK:       The Bank will not inform you if a competitor Bank has a superior loan product


BROKER: Is paid by the Bank not the client (i.e. Broker Commissions are NOT added on to your Home Loan)

BANK:      Is paid by the Bank not the client (i.e. Bank Manager Salaries are NOT added on to your Home Loan)  





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RBA Announcement …

March 3, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts, Rate Rises

rba 1

The Reserve Bank Board has voted to retain the Official Cash Rate at the current record low 2.25% whilst they measure the impact of the previous rate cut on the Australian economy.

Economists were split with their predictions however most expect a further 0.25% rate reduction in March or April.