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$10,000 for New Home Buyers !!!

June 16, 2011 in Latest News

The State Government will pay a $10,000.00 “Boost” to Home Buyers, Investors, Companies & Trusts who purchase a new / near new Home, Unit, Duplex (etc) in Queensland. Read more


June 1, 2011 in Latest News

For the month of June …

Simply mention this website promotion when you apply for your new Home Loan with DPF Mortgage Specialists and you will be handed your $100 Bunnings Voucher once your loan is approved. Read more

ANZ warns of rate hike – Article from The Advisor Bulletin

May 11, 2011 in Latest News

New data out today shows the Reserve Bank may have to raise the official cash rate sooner rather than later.

According to the latest ANZ Job Advertisement Series, total job advertisements on the internet and in newspapers increased by 1 per cent in April to be 20.5 per cent higher than in April 2010. Read more

Small Qld Lender Shame’s the Big Banks

April 19, 2011 in Latest News, Rate Cuts

Latest Interest Rate Cuts !!!

A small Queensland based lender (Heritage Building Society) has shamed the Big Banks by passing on the full 0.25% p.a. Interest Rate cut announced by the RBA last Tuesday (6/4/2009). The Big Banks have declared that they cannot afford to do the same, despite their multi-billion dollar profits, and choose to hide behind the excuse that the “Costs of Funds” have prevented them from passing on the 0.25% p.a. rate cut. Yet this was accomplished by their much smaller competitor – Heritage Building Society – who’s profits are tiny in comparison. Read more

Banks are willing to negotiate lower interest rates!!!

March 21, 2011 in Latest News

The smaller players in the Lending Market (e.g. Building Societies, Credit Unions & Mortgage Managers) are taking the fight to the “Big Banks” by offering great discounts off their Home Loan Interest Rates and Fees.

Read more

Flood and Cyclone Relief

February 22, 2011 in Latest News

Banks Offer Flood & Cyclone Relief !!!If you have been effected by the recent floods or cyclones please be aware that many Banks and Lenders are currently offering relief packages. Many of these Relief Packages include the freezing of loan repayments for up to 3 months to provide time for borrowers to get back on their feet without the stress of making loan repayments. Read more

“Free” 2011 Financial Year Calenders

December 29, 2010 in Latest News

To request your “FREE”  2011 Financial Year Calender simply click on “CONTACT US”  and provide your mailing address.

Happy New Financial Year  !!!

from the Team at DPF Mortgage Specialists

CBA increases Rates by 0.45% p.a.

November 3, 2010 in Latest News

Record Profits


The CBA announced yesterday (2/11/2010) that it would be slugging customers an extra 0.45% p.a. on their Home Loan Variable Interest Rates. Read more

Good signs for borrowers

October 28, 2010 in Latest News

The lower than expected Inflation Figures released on Wednesday (27/10/2010) provide hope for borrowers that the Reserve Bank will keep Interest Rates on hold in November 2010. Read more

Small Lenders take on “Big Banks”

August 30, 2010 in Latest News

Smaller Players take on the “Big Banks” !!!

The smaller Banks / Lenders are taking on & beating the larger Banks / Lenders by offering low Interest Rates to borrowers. Read more