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What is a Great Interest Rate?

February 16, 2012 in Latest News, Rate Rises by admin  |  Comments Off on What is a Great Interest Rate?

Following the recent increases in Interest Rates many borrowers are asking . . .
What is a Great Interest Rate ???
How can I achieve Lower Interest Rates ???
The Answer to to the first question is …
Variable Interest Rates:  6.40% p.a. – 6.60% p.a.

Fixed Interest Rates:
1 Year:      5.90% p.a.
2 Years:     5.80% p.a.
3 Years:     5.99% p.a.
4 Years:     6.15% p.a.
5 Years:     6.40% p.a.
(Interest Rates quoted include recent Interest Rate increases)

Borrowers can achieve lower Interest Rates on their Home Loan by:
Negotiating with the Bank
Refinancing their Home Loan

Yet most borrowers are forced to pay more than necessary as they lack the available time and”Industry Secrets” to achieve Lower Interest Rates, Lower Fees & Great Savings on their Home Loan.

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