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Banks pass on full 0.25% p.a. RBA Rate Cut

March 9, 2020 in Latest News, Rate Cuts

Great news for borrowers as the vast majority of banks have confirmed they are passing on 100% of the 0.25% p.a. rate cut recently announced by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Borrowers can expect to receive the lower interest rates within 7 – 21 days (varies from bank to bank).

Q: How can you make the most of the lower interest rates ?

A: You have several options:

  1. Pay extra amounts into your Home Loan or keep your repayments at the existing higher amount as this will reduce your Home Loan debt faster which will save you even more $$$. The banks calculate how much interest you are charged based on the daily balance of your Home Loan …  The less you owe the less interest you will be charged.
  2. Reduce your loan repayments to suit the lower interest rate and you will have more $$$ left in your pocket to fund the other priorities in your life. 

If you wish to discuss which option is best to suit your circumstances please contact our experienced Mortgage Specialists.

Winner of the DPF Christmas Hamper

December 20, 2019 in Latest News

Congratulations to Hope Kerslake & her family who are the lucky winners of this year’s DPF Christmas Basket.

We hope you and your family thoroughly enjoy all these scrumptious goodies.

Government Guarantee for First Home Buyers

December 12, 2019 in Latest News

The wait for First Home Buyers is finally over as the Australian Government has finally released the details relating to the new Government Guarantee Scheme.

The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS) will be offered to 10,000 First Home Buyers each financial year and commences from the 1st January 2020.

The Government Guarantee will enable First Home Buyers to save up to $27,265.00 and is available for FHB’s purchasing a new or existing house, unit, townhouse, duplex, etc. (i.e. not restricted to new homes)

Please Note: There are several conditions including:

• Maximum income of $125,000.00 p.a. for Singles and $200,000.00 p.a. combined income for Couples

• Maximum purchase price varies depending on the state and location of the property (e.g. QLD $475,000.00, NSW Capital City + Several Regional Centres $700,000.00 + NSW Other $450,000.00, VIC – Capital City & Geelong $600,000.00 + VIC Other $375,000.00)

• Available through a Mortgage Broker & a select group of Banks and Credit Unions (2 Major Banks + 25 Small Banks & Credit Unions – i.e. Not available through all Banks & Lenders)

CLICK HERE to view all the Eligibility Criteria or visit Australian Government Website

Q: How do I apply ?

A: Click on CONTACT US or phone 0755274744 and talk with our Mortgage Specialists

DPF Christmas Hamper Giveaway

December 4, 2019 in Latest News

The Team at DPF Mortgage Specialists absolutely love Christmas and to celebrate we are giving away this awesome Christmas Hamper to one of our wonderful clients.

For your chance to receive this scrumptious Christmas Hamper full of goodies all you need to do is:

  1. Click on “CONTACT US”  
  2. Insert your name + contact details and type “Merry Christmas” in the message box  
  3. Type the verification code & click “Send Enquiry Now”

 As a special thank you we will also be providing an extra ticket in the draw for every client who have generously provided DPF Mortgage Specialists with a Google Review or Facebook Review throughout the year.

Good luck, Merry Christmas and of course a very special “Thank You” for all your ongoing support & for being a valued client of DPF Mortgage Specialists.  

Bank paying $6,000 for New Customers

December 2, 2019 in Latest News

Customers who are not happy with how they are being treated by their bank can now receive up to $6,000.00 to switch to a competitor bank.

One bank is currently offering to pay $4,000.00 to new customers who refinance their existing Home Loan / Investment Property Loan to the bank PLUS an additional $2,000.00 if they also take out a new Home Loan.

Conditions apply so please contact our Mortgage Specialists to discuss your lending requirements & to confirm if you are eligible.


Winners are Grinners !!!

November 7, 2019 in Latest News

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 DPF Melbourne Cup Sweep

Happy spending 🙂

DPF Melbourne Cup Sweep

November 4, 2019 in Latest News

Thank you for the outstanding response to our Melbourne Cup Sweep.

Listed below are the names of the lucky 24 who have drawn a horse in this year’s sweep.

Best of luck & Giddy Up.

Free Melbourne Cup Sweep

October 21, 2019 in Latest News

Yes … the first Tuesday in November is only a few days away and so it’s time to dust off your fascinators & dress up in your colourful frocks & suits and celebrate the Race that Stops a Nation, and of course the …

Free DPF Melbourne Cup Sweep

As always … entry is FREE for all DPF clients as this is our way of having a bit of fun with you.

To receive your free entry simply:

  1. Click on “CONTACT US”
  2. Type “Your Name” + “Email Address” + “Melbourne Cup” in the message box
  3. Type the verification code + click “Send”

The horses will be drawn on Monday 4th November 2019 & announced via email + Facebook + on our website

Good luck and a special “Thank You” to all our valued clients for your ongoing support.

The horses will be drawn & announced on Monday 4th November 2019 via email, Facebook & on this website

Good luck & a special “Thank You” for your ongoing support & for being a valued clients of DPF Mortgage Specialists

Did your bank pass on the full 0.50% RBA rate cuts in June & July ???

July 5, 2019 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts


Many banks were quick to advertise & announce how good they were to pass on the full 0.25% p.a. RBA rate cut in June 2019.

Not surprisingly many of these same banks were making far less noise when they held back from passing on the full 0.25% p.a. rate cut announced by the RBA in July 2019. (i.e. total 0.50% rate cut over 2 months).

Below is a list of the  Banks & their combined interest rate reductions for the months of June and July 2019.




Rate Reduction June:


Rate Reduction July:



Macquarie 0.25% p.a. 0.20% p.a. 0.45% p.a.
ING 0.25% p.a. 0.20% p.a. 0.45% p.a.
Auswide Bank 0.25% p.a. 0.25% p.a. 0.50%p.a.
ME Bank 0.25% p.a. 0.15% p.a. 0.40% p.a.
AMP Bank 0.25% p.a. TBA  
CBA 0.25% p.a. 0.19% p.a. 0.44% p.a.
BankWest 0.25% p.a. 0.19% p.a. 0.44% p.a.
NAB 0.25% p.a. 0.19% p.a. 0.44% p.a.
Bank Australia 0.25% p.a. 0.16% p.a. 0.41% p.a.
Bank of Qld 0.25% p.a. 0.15% p.a. 0.40% p.a.
AFG 0.25% p.a. Pending  
Citibank 0.25% p.a. Pending  
IMB Bank 0.25% p.a. Pending  
RACQ 0.25% p.a. 0.25% p.a. 0.50% p.a.
Pepper 0.25% p.a. Pending  
Westpac 0.20% p.a. 0.20% p.a. 0.40% p.a.
St George 0.20% p.a. 0.20% p.a. 0.40% p.a.
RAMS 0.20% p.a. 0.20% p.a. 0.40% p.a.
Bendigo Bank 0.20% p.a. Pending  
Suncorp 0.20% p.a. 0.19% p.a. 0.39% p.a.
Heritage 0.20% p.a. TBA  
ANZ 0.18% p.a. 0.25% p.a. 0.43% p.a.
CUA 0.15% p.a. 0.17% p.a. 0.22% p.a.

Down they go yet again !!!

July 2, 2019 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts


The predictions of many of Australia’s Senior Economists were confirmed this afternoon as the Reserve Bank voted to reduce the Official Cash Rate yet again to an amazingly low 1.00%.

The Federal Treasurer (Josh Frydenberg) has already commenced his efforts to encourage the banks to pass on this additional 0.25% p.a. rate cut in full.

Is your bank charging you more than they need to ???