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Banks Change the Rules for Investors

May 22, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News by admin  |  Comments Off on Banks Change the Rules for Investors

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Australian Banks have CHANGED THE RULES FOR INVESTORS in response to the concerns of the government regulatory authorities (APRA + ASIC) over the perceived “High Levels of Investment Debt” currently in the market place & the potential ramifications for borrowers if the speculation over the bursting of the “Sydney Property Bubble” was to become a reality.


Banks have reacted with varying methods to address the concerns of ASIC + APRA with more announcements anticipated over the next few days / weeks.

Listed below are several examples of the differing Lending Policy Changes announced by the Banks to date:

  • CBA – Higher Interest Rates for Investors 
  • BankWest – Investors required to contribute a minimum of 20% Deposit / Equity
  • NAB – Investors restricted from receiving Discounts on Interest Rates 
  • Westpac – Borrowing Capacity for Investors to be reduced – Negative Gearing no longer to be considered in serviceability calculations 
  • ANZ – Discounts not available for Investors who do not have a ANZ Home Loan


DPF Mortgage Specialists will continue to receive regular updates directly from the Banks and can assist you and your friends / family to navigate through the confusion and varying options if require funding for:

  1. Purchase an Investment Property
  3. Refinances of Investment Loan 
  4. “Other” Investment opportunities


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