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Rate Cuts

QPCU joins Broker’s panel

October 22, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts


DPF Mortgage Specialists are pleased to welcome QPCU (Qld Police Credit Union) to our extensive panel of Banks and Non-Bank Lenders.

If you or your family have ever worked with the Qld Police, Ambulance, Fire Service, Qld + Local + Federal Government, SES, Emergency Services, and many more … you may be eligible to access the low interest rates offered by QPCU.

Please call 0755274744 or “CONTACT US” if you wish to know more.


2% Cash Rate here to stay for a while yet

October 6, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts

2The Reserve Bank Board have voted to retain the Official Cash Rates at the current record low level of 2% for October.

This announcement supports the view of many senior economists who believe the Australian Economy is performing well and continuing to grow at a manageable pace.


DPF Clients save extra $2,000.00 p.a.

September 22, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts

Businessman hands holding money - Australian dollar bills

WOO HOO … The Joys of Success

We are pleased to confirm that several of our clients have successfully challenged their Bank to “SHOW THEM THE LOVE” and have achieved savings of over $2,000.00 per year on their Home Loans.

These savings were achieved without the need to refinance and for the cost of a phone call following great teamwork between our clients and their Mortgage Specialists. The great savings and lower interest rates achieved are in addition to the discounts these clients were already receiving on their Home Loans.

Receiving “Insider Hints” to save your money is all part of the ongoing service & advice provided to DPF clients by their Mortgage Specialist.

After all … We don’t work for the Banks … WE WORK FOR YOU !!!


Make your Bank … “Show You the Love”

August 26, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts



BankingSatSurvey_LEADDo you ever feel unappreciated when your Bank advertises amazing Home Loan deals to attract New Customers but does not offer the same amazing deals to their existing customers.

This is what we commonly refer to as the “Loyalty Tax”.


How can you make your Bank “Show you the Love” and offer you massive discounts off your Home Loan Interest Rates & Loan Fees ?

The simple answer is …

  1. Tell your Bank you wish to stay but are prepared to take your business elsewhere
  2. Contact your Bank via the telephone number on your Loan Statement (i.e. NOT  your local Bank Manager) to ensure you are connected to the “Client Retention Department” as this department actually has the authority to “Do what it takes to retain your business”
  3. Tell your Bank of the amazing deals which are available with other Banks
  4. Pause on the phone for 10 seconds and watch the Bank work their tails off to “Show you the Love”.


Why will my Bank listen to me ?

  1. All Banks are very well aware that it costs far less to authorise discounts to retain an existing customer, then the costs involved to attract new clients
  2.  There is no benefit to be achieved by the Bank if they attract 5 new customers whilst at the same time also losing 5 existing customers
  3. Your Bank is prepared to authorise discounts for the few customers who actually take the time to ask, as this is only a small expense compared to the huge profits your bank will continue to earn off the vast majority of customers who are not prepared to ask.


If your Bank does not appear to value your business or you are not “Feeling the Love” please click on contact our Mortgage Specialists on 07 5527 4744 as we don’t work for the Bank … WE WORK FOR YOU .



Interest Rates … Up for Investors … Down for Owner Occupiers

August 10, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts, Rate Rises


The Government Regulator (APRA) has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons within the Banking Industry by making major & immediate changes to the Investment Credit Policies & Lending Requirements for Banks.


The impact of these changes will vary significantly from Bank to Bank due to APRA introducing different rules & requirements for each Lender. The result of such variances is creating vastly different responses by each individual Bank with several being forced to increase interest rates on Investment Property Loans whilst others are having to reduce the maximum loan amounts they can lend to Investors. Other Banks are taking a different tact by seeking to encourage new Home Loans from Owner Occupiers by offering lower Interest Rates for Owner Occupier Home Loans and offering new Home Loan customers of up to “$2,000.00 Cash Back”.


With even more changes anticipated over the next few weeks there are plenty of reasons for Borrowers to be both concerned and excited however it is vital to KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR HOME LOAN and INVESTMENT PROPERTY LOAN as the Banks are making changes on a daily basis and whilst there will be amazing opportunities available there will also be many potential pitfalls to be wary of.


If you wish to discuss how you can navigate your way through all the confusion & ongoing changes please contact our experienced Mortgage Specialists.


Bank offers $1500 Cash to Win Your Home Loan

July 22, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts

Businessman hands holding money  - Australian dollar bills

The competition between the Banks to entice new Home Loan customers is intensifying with offers of “$1,500.00 Cash Back” for borrowers seeking new Home Loans to purchase an Owner Occupied Home or Unit.

The “$1,500.00 Cash Back” is also being offered for borrowers wishing to refinance their existing Owner Occupied Home Loans to achieve a lower interest rate.

These are not the only amazing offers available to DPF clients as our Mortgage Specialists are continuing to successfully negotiate “Amazing Discounts” on behalf of our clients as the Banks are being forced to “Jump through the Hoops” if their Home Loans are to be considered by informed customers who deserve & demand a better deal.

This is great news for Home Buyers and Home Owners seeking a better deal from the Banks.

Talk to our Mortgage Specialists to learn more and to discover the great deals the Banks are willing to offer you to win your business.

Are interest rates still on the way down ?

June 12, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts

RBA Governor 3

The Reserve Bank Governor (Glenn Stevens) confirmed in a speech to economists in Brisbane this week that further interest rate drops are possible however the RBA believes improvements in Government policies & spending on capital works is a preferred option to stimulate sustainable growth in the Australian economy.

The good new for Borrowers is that no-one is current talking about rates increasing from their current record low level.

Lower Rates for Owner Occupied Home Loans

June 2, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts


The Reserve Bank may have kept rates on hold for another month however many banks are now offering lower interest rates for Owner Occupied Home Loans.

Why you may ask …

The simple answer is that the banks are under pressure from ASIC + APRA + the RBA to ensure a balance is maintained between new Owner Occupied Home Loans & the ever increasing demand for new Investment Loans.

Offering amazing deals to encourage more Owner Occupied Home Loans will open the door for more Investment Loans to also be written by the banks.

The winners are the Mum’s & Dad’s, First Home Buyers & those seeking to upgrade their homes as the banks are prepared to fight to earn your business.

Talk to our Mortgage Specialists to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity and land yourself a great deal.

RBA cuts Cash Rate to 2%

May 5, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts

woo hoo 1The Reserve Bank Board has delighted Borrowers by voting to reduce the Official Cash Rate to a new record low 2%

The “other” great news for Borrowers is that many banks have already slashed their Fixed Interest Rates in anticipation of this latest rate cut … However BE CAREFUL as some banks are only offering their lowest rates to those who are prepared to ask.

3.99% Home Loan Guaranteed for 3 Years

April 13, 2015 in Insider Tips, Latest News, Rate Cuts

Fixed RatesYet another Bank has launched an assault against the “Big 4” by offering borrowers an incredibly low 3.99% p.a. Home Loan Interest Rate GUARANTEED FOR 3 YEARS.

This is great news for Home Owners who are seeking to “Lock In” a record low interest rates for the mid – long term.

Call our friendly Mortgage Specialists on (07) 55274744 to discuss your Home Loan options.


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